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Brood Film Fest is the first and only international biennial short film festival focused entirely on the subject of Early Parenthood in the 21st Century. From the ambiguous to the sublime, from the hilarious to the downright shocking, from the tragic to the transformational; Brood Film Fest will bring you parenthood as you’ve never before experienced it in public. Click HERE to see more.


Performing Parenthood is the first performing arts festival in the world dedicated to the subject of of pregnancy, birth and new parenthood. It provides a unique opportunity for professional performing artists who have become parents in recent years to showcase recent finished work or new ideas to global audiences. Click HERE to see more.


Curated by JOY EXPERIMENT, Project AfterBirth was the first ever international open art exhibition on the subject of early parenthood. It featured unseen and rarely shown artistic responses to personal pregnancy, birth & early parenthood experiences by more than 30 exceptional international contemporary artists from all over the world, working in various visual, performance, literary, film & digital disciplines. Click HERE for details.


A short film about the fine line between love and control, No Tragedy was written, recorded, produced, performed and directed by Mila Oshin and Kris Jager (Drunk With Joy) in collaboration with digital artist & filmmaker Roger Lewis (Camera, Edit, Special Effects). No Tragedy was screened and nominated for an award at the 2014 Aesthetica Film Festival and 2014 Two Short Nights Film Festival.


A short film made in one take; an experiment in letting go.. Written and performed by Mila Oshin and Kris Jager (Drunk With Joy), choreography by Mila Oshin, camera & edit by Chris Jones D.o.p.



Devised by digital artist Stuart Mitchell, ‘Birds, Fishwives and Bunnygirls’ is a symbiotic digital/visual reinterpretation of multi-media artist Ione Rucquoi‘s controversial body of work of the same name, and Drunk With Joy‘s confrontational vocal performance poem & music piece ‘Woman‘.



A cross-artform piece combining animated sculpture, drawing, animation, digital media, music, poetry, performance and an umbrella, developed out of a collaboration between sculptor/painter Beth Carter, digital artist/filmmaker Stuart Mitchell and Drunk With Joy. Performed live outdoors at Haldon Forest Park as part of a 2008-10 Joy Experiment (f.k.a. Joy Collective) tour, supported by Arts Council England.


Secrets, Joy Collective, Drunk With Joy, Stuart Mitchell, Darren Harvey-Regan, Joy Experiment
A collaboration between Drunk With Joy, Stuart Mitchell and photography artist Darren Harvey-Regan in which an earlier body of work (Sticks) by the latter was revisited and reinterpreted through the mediums of digital art, film, music and poetry.


LULLABY (live)

Written and performed by Drunk With Joy (words & music)
Trumpet: Martin Holland
Artwork: Beth Carter (‘Clowns’ series)
Digital Video Production: StuM
Camera & Edit by Will Westaway


Joy Collective, Drunk With Joy, Stuart Mitchell, Joanna Cartwright, Joy Experiment

A new solo dance/digital media work created by dance artist and marine biologist Joanna Cartwright in collaboration with Stuart Mitchell and Drunk With Joy.

Image credit: Kevin Clifford, Dartington


Joy Collective, Drunk With Joy, Stuart Mitchell, Emma Molony, Joy Experiment

Taking one of Drunk With Joy’s existing music/text pieces as her inspiration, print artist Emma Molony created a large number of experimental black & white prints which were collaboratively turned into a video piece with Drunk With Joy and Stuart Mitchell.


A digital art/video piece by Stuart Mitchell, using original imagery from the 1939–40 New York World’s Fair, inspired by the song of the same title by Drunk With Joy from the album Sound Living.


Joy Collective, Drunk With Joy, Stuart Mitchell, Curt Hennells, Joy Experiment

A strongly dynamic part-improvised physical theatre piece by dance artist/choreographer/filmmaker Curt Hennells, based on one of his latest solo works Urban Invisibilities, with music/text by Drunk With Joy.

Image credit: Kevin Clifford, Dartington


Strangers In The Making, Joy Collective, Drunk With Joy, Claire Beckett, Stuart Mitchell, Joy Experiment

A new dance theatre piece devised by dance artist/choreographer Claire Beckett, with digital visual interpretations and video projections by Stuart Mitchell, inspired by the Drunk With Joy music/text piece by the same name.

Image credit: Kevin Clifford, Dartington


A solo dance piece by dance artist Jane Castree, inspired by the title track of Drunk With Joy’s album Sound Living, featuring artwork by Roger Lewis.


To Be Free, Joy Collective, Drunk With Joy, Eleanor Carr, Stuart Mitchell, Joy Experiment

Photography/film/digital artist Eleanor Carr’s digital revisitation of ‘Ballad to a Saab 900’; a story about the sea and a car, her Plymouth College of Art graduation project. Music: Drunk With Joy.

Image credit: Kevin Clifford, Dartington 


A digital art work/animation by Stuart Mitchell, featuring work by sculptor Andrea Gregson, visual/digital artist Roger Lewis and music/filmmaker duo Drunk With Joy.


A video piece by Stuart Mitchell over Drunk With Joy’s work ‘Travelling Light’, featuring the exhibition ‘Excerpts from a Diary’ by painter Alice Leach.


Elemental, Joy Collective, Drunk With Joy, Joanna Cartwright, Stuart Mitchell, Oliver Hornsby-Sayer, Claire Beckett, Jane CastreeElemental, Joy Collective, Drunk With Joy, Joanna Cartwright, Stuart Mitchell, Oliver Hornsby-Sayer, Claire Beckett, Jane Castree

In the world, there is nothing more submissive and weak than water.

Yet, for attacking that which is hard and strong, nothing can surpass it.

Tao Te Ching


A part-live, part screen-based performance piece in response to the element of water as a high priority in the current climate change debate.

No other social or political issue is currently addressed with more urgency than the challenges posed by the dramatic changes in the natural world and our responsibilities within it.

The element of water in particular, which has always been a theme and inspiration for the arts, has recently taken on a new significance. Globally, flooding has killed more people than any other natural hazard over recent decades and the British government is now treating it as the second highest national security risk.

Whilst governments worldwide are coming to terms with the reality of the threat posed by water, and how to bring the news to the people in a constructive way and raise awareness without creating a widespread panic, artists from all over the globe have started responding to the dawn of a new world.

Elemental (The Reins)
A Joy Experiment film
Artistic Directors: Mila Oshin & Kris Jager
Camera & Edit: Stuart Mitchell & Carl Shanahan
Choreography: Joanna Cartwright
Dance: Joanna Cartwright, Claire Beckett, Jane Castree, Oliver Hornsby-Sayer, with Theatre Royal Young Company
Music & Words: Drunk With Joy


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