Déjà Vu and The Shining Guest

Two beautiful stills from Déjà Vu’ and ‘The Shining Guest’; a collaboration between Joy Experiment sculptor/painter Beth Carter and digital artist/filmmaker Stuart Mitchell.

The framed animations are an extension of the artists’ collaboration as part of Joy Experiment and were produced in response to the opportunity to exhibit in the video space at View Art Gallery in Bristol for the ‘In Darkness Blooms’ show, December – January.

‘Déjà vu’

Ideas of duality, starting with an inanimate rocking horse in a domestic setting which is then replaced by a skeletal horse which comes to life and enters a dream like landscape where he is freed from his restriction as a playroom rocking horse, his heart beats until the fire returns burning for a while before finally extinguishing as the whole sequence loops again.

‘The shining guest’

Beth Carter’s original charcoal drawing ‘The Conjurors Horse’ is animated in this work. The tethered horse at the centre of the drawing pulls and bucks in an attempt to escape until he is calmed by the appearance of a small girl on his back. The girl turns like a jewellery box ballerina. The girl’s head is transformed into various other symbolic heads referencing magic shows and circuses, a white rabbit’s head, red and white roses, a white horse’s head and finally into a artichoke head which is both a symbol of peace and fertility.

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