Leading The Giant

Joy Experiment NEWS: Joy Experiment’s Beth Carter will be premiering her new solo show ‘Leading The Giant’ at Bo Lee Gallery in Bath, from 17 Oct – 10 Nov 2011

Beth Carter Fox and Pheasant


A selection of beguiling drawings and mythological sculptures from the figurative sculptor Beth Carter.

Inhabiting a rich allegorical world where myth, legend and story telling form the bedrock of all else, this show will exhibit Beth Carter’s first coloured drawings alongside a minotaur of epic proportions (192cm tall to be exact). Fresh from her first foray outside the UK in New York, Carter has produced new works for this long awaited UK masterclass in bronze.

The minotaur as ever plays a central role as the destabilisation of classical mythology pervades her less predatory take on this legendary creature “I work within the realm of a sculptural tradition where the symbolic use of animal imagery has been a continuously potent source, I seek a new level of inquiry into these timeless themes, and in this sense my work is flavoured by a mythological and classical aesthetic.”

Carter’s figurative sculpture embodies a mixture of zoomorphic and human form, juxtaposing basic animal instincts with that of human everydayness. Meanwhile, her drawings reinforce a nocturnal motif as if the maudlin women, the strange animal-men and their consuming eyes are beckoning us into the shadows of our dreams…and we aren’t always sure we want to follow.

Anyone who shares Beth Carter’s fascination with the human condition must surely embrace the invitation to be found in her body of work. For here, among the richly detailed drawings and careful sculptures, we discover an unfolding meditation on those existential dilemmas that beset us all, and a world of its own in the making.

Leading the Giant

17 October – 10 November 2011

Private View: Saturday 15 October, 6 – 8pm (RSVP)

 bo.lee gallery

For further information or images please email jemma@bo-lee.co.uk

or call 07970 492858 / 01225 428211

bo.lee gallery

0044 7970 492 858 | 0044 1225 428 211
1 Queen Street, Bath BA1 1HE, UK

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